Education is knowledge. From the knowledge, you gain skills and become experienced. When you have a skill and experience, you can earn, make a living and look after your family, community and poor. Now education becomes a gold and money for you.

We would like to brighten their future by providing:

  • To non-profit organisations such as school, madrasah, community centres, libraries and prayer centres by assisting them to financially and improve their facilities by providing necessary equipment’s.
  • Help student with travel expenses.
  • Focused on tutor aiming to pass GCSE exam, techniques, preparation, helping students to improve Maths, English and IT in short time.
  • We aim to teach children about health and safety including how to cope with natural disasters in rural areas.
  • Education improves the health, gender equality and reduces the spread of diseases.

Please help the poor people because they can’t even afford to buy pens and books.