Together we can support and save the lives of many displaced Rohingya people living in Burma.

These poor and helpless communities are trying their best to rebuild their family lives again.

Support is needed for those who are heartbroken, those who have lost their entire family, the wounded, cripple, people with mental health issues, orphans, widows with babies and small children and elderly people.

Funeral cost £10
Clothing for a family £20
Medical support for a family £30
Healthcare support for a family £50
A plate of hot food for a day, £2 per person. For a family per month £50
Build a hand pump for drinking water, Sanitation and hygiene £150
Build a house for a disadvantaged, homeless family of five £500
Build a Masjid and Madrasah for daily prayers £10,000

Whoever brings his brother/ sister out of a discomfort, Allah will bring him/ her out of the discomforts on the day of resurrection. (Sahih Bukhari)