Water Aid

  • One hand pump costs £150, for drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • We install water pumps in communal areas,  such as schools, Masjids and community centers. Also, we install pumps in public areas such as pathways and streets, where the pumps are readily available to use by all without any discrimination.
  • We do not provide pumps to individuals for their own personal use.
  • We install tube wells or hand pumps because they are easy to install in a short span of time, are maintenance and are easy and safe to use by children, the elderly or disabled people. The water pumps are germ and disease free, where one can always withdraw fresh and cool water.
  • We estimate that each pump installation will take 1 month to complete. This is due to the amount of orders we receive and subject to weather condition.
  • Each pump will provide minimum 10 years to life time of usage. Depending on how much water is underground and the usage of water.
  • As soon as we complete each project, we will send you a photograph of the pump with the donors name on it.
  • We will try to honor specific requests for the pumps to be installed in specific locations and will try our utmost to accommodate these preferences. Please note, the objective of this project is to prioritise those most in need.
  • Our pump installer provides free repair training to the beneficiaries and people in the surrounding areas.
  • You may donate Sadaqa Jariya for the deceased, loved ones, for your own children, parents or anyone you wish. Your general Lillah money is preferable.