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This treatment is recommended for patients whose kidneys cannot work well.  When kidneys are damaged, the waste products and excessive water will build up in the blood, causing the body poison. Dialysis is a treatment that helps your kidneys continue to function.

Kidney disease is a serious condition. In people with chronic kidney failure, the kidneys are unlikely to recover, but dialysis can enhance well-being and prolong life for up to 20 years or more. Left untreated, this can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms and eventually be fatal. Treatment usually carried out once a week, with each session lasting around four hours. This can be done in the hospital.

Treatment cost round about £50 a patient. Burma Muslim hospital owns 10 Dialysis treatment machine. Every day 20 patients get treatment under the one full-time qualify doctor and five nurses.

Please help for continuation for poor and needy people.

Every day, children and adults go blind from avoidable causes. Burma Aid aims to restore sight and transform their lives.

Burma Aid charity is for people with glaucoma, Cataract and vision correction. This hospital provides information, literature, advice and prevents unnecessary loss of sight through early detection, diagnosis and treatment. 

The lives of everyone connected to the patient. Once their sight is recovered a productive life is possible again. We ensure that hundreds of lives are transformed each year.

Good eyesight can:

  • Can help people rise out of poverty
  • Give hope and independence
  • Allow children to return to school and adults to work
  • Adults can enjoy reading and writing
  • Children can play happily
  • Restore of sight transforms more than just the patient’s lives

To help and improve please donate openly from your heart.

Be a one-time donor

£25, £50, £100, or….other amount

The healthcare system in Burma is considered to be one of the worst in Asia. We have only one Muslim hospital available in the Yangon (Rangoon) that caters to the poor and disadvantaged peoples. The hospital treats and caters for the destitute, free from discrimination of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

The Burma “Muslim Free Hospital” is operating on a non-profitable basis. The hospital provides 24 hours of care, 365 days of service. It has outpatient clinics, and intensive care unit, 160 beds, inpatient and outpatient facilities and many other departments, providing treatments and services to over 150, 000 patients annually.

Please donate generously your Zakah, Sadakah and general donation. 

On off donation

£25 £50 £100 or £…….……Other amounts

The Hospital maternity service provides maternity care for more than thousands women and their babies each year. Including during a pregnancy, labour, birth and one week after birth. The care that the hospital provides aim to respect the diversity of women’s needs and the variety of personal and cultural values that women, families and communities require.

Please help the poor people with:

Maternity /Labour cost: £50 a patient

New bond baby support kit: £50

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