Natural Disaster Relief


Burma is one of the least developed nations in the world and its infrastructure and transportation links are considered to be very weak in relation to other countries in South East Asia.

Monsoon rain
Every year nationwide heavy monsoon rain destroys up to 250,000 hectares of rice fields and around 100,000 people are displaced. The death and missing people toll rise up to 1000 and more than 100,000 homes are destroyed including loss of livestock.

Famine and drought
In recent years, Burma has continued to experience temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius, and rainfall is late, causing shortages of water in many parts of Burma. Many streams, rivers, wells, ponds and water reservoirs have dried up as a consequence. People have to resort to drinking contaminated, dirty and unhygienic water. Diarrhoea outbreaks were also reported in many parts of the country. Due to the shortage of water, unclean water and heat rash, many people, livestock and fish have died. Crops and vegetation have been ruined as a consequence.

Quakes are relatively common in Burma, they have claimed thousands of lives in the last 10 years. Every time an earthquake strikes, it leaves many people dead, missing people, destroyed roads, houses, places of worship, businesses, floods and triggers landslides.

Over the last 20 years, several worst natural disasters caused in the recorded history of Burma. The cost of damages was estimated at over £6 billion, leaving 135,000 people dead, 60,000 people missing, over 70,000 houses being destroyed, over a million livestock being lost, businesses and fishing industries being destroyed. 2.5 million people were severely affected and displaced. Up to today,q over 1 million people are still living in fear, shortage of water, shortage of medical health and poor people are living in miserable conditions.

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