About Us

About Us

Our Vision is to improve and elevate the standard of poor and needy peoples.

Our Mission is to help the deprived, excluded, vulnerable and those who have less opportunity.

Our Projects:

  1. Emergency & disaster relief (Earthquake, Cyclone, Draught, Flood and Sectarian violence)
  2. Hospital Project (Maternity, Eyes, Dentist, Dialysis, general operation and Medication)
  3. Education Support (School, college, University, Madrasa and Masjid and Housing)
  4. Employment Support (Carpentry, Painting, Plumbing, plastering, bricklaying, Electrician, Small business, Farming, Tools and Equipment’s, cooking and sawing, etc…)
  5. Drinking water and Sanitation Project (Hand pump, Tube well, water well, etc…)

Our purpose is to drive change across society so that disadvantage people, minority people and different religion people have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our beliefs: we see the person and we set no limit on potential. We believe in independence, inclusion and freedom to choose. No more. No less. Together we can create a better society without any discrimination.

Over the years we have worked in Burma to improve the lives of thousands of people in hospital health care, cyclone Nargis, flood relief, earthquake and Rohingya crisis.

Who we are: we are a non-profit, non-political, humanitarian relief organisation. Our team have ties with Burma either through birth or family.

Who do we help: we aim to help those who have been afflicted with natural disaster, sectarian violence and emergency requirements.

Our policy is to spend 100% of your donation on your requirement sector.

Burma Aid charity is totally relying on community, friends, families, colleagues and public donations.We are very grateful to everyone who supports us financially. We have covered most of our expenses with the profit that we have made and volunteers donor generous constitution toward further continuation.

Although Burma Aid relies mainly on donations from the members of the public. We value the experience of others. Support from companies is also extremely welcome. Large corporate gifts can generate significant public relations benefits.We believe in combining energy, knowledge, ideas and resources.Together we can create a better society.