If you have questions regarding your donation please either email [email protected], phone 0207 2491741 or phone/ text 07727003277.

You can send your cheque made payable to Burma Aid or send it to PO Box 63538, 48 East Bank, London N16 5QB.

You may donate via bank transfer. Please use the account details below. Your bank will provide you amount and date of payment with receipt and on your statement.

  • Burma Aid
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Account no: 45258360
  • Sort code: 30 13 54

Please send us a text or email of the amount and what kind of donation. This will help us to keep track of your transfer and payments for distribution.

Our work is diverse. We attempt to eliminate misery, poverty and suffering. The main projects that we run our hospital health care, emergency relief work, fresh clean drinking water, employment and education. We aim to reach out to those people in dire need and those faced with situations of conflict, violence, unrest and natural disasters.

Please go to your bank with proof of identification or you may also change by logging into your bank website and change the details.

For every £1 that you donate £1 will goes to the poor and needed people. We have a 100% donation policy. For an administration and advertising, we have a separate donor who helps us to carry on for this course and we also use gift aid donation. You may also take part in good course if you like.

We are charity registered in England and Wales and we do give outa receipt of your donation.

Once you have made your donation please contact our team with all the details.

We have a lot of projects that may suit you. For more details please check our Campaigns page on this website.

We don’t take phone calls. We may write you a letter, text or email. If you want to call and support us our team will be happy to send you a letter and a donation form in the post or you may download and print out from our website.

We always keep the record of each transaction such as ID, date and amount. Our spending, reports and audit are also available for the donor to view. Transparency measures also include regular field visits by management to monitor spending and progress and payments in Burma.

Others charity give 100% on Zakat only. We give 100% on Zakat, Sadakah, Lillah and Fitrana.

We have our own supply division responsible for sourcing and sending these items to the field in the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way.

The fundraiser should have a letter of authority, ID or badge identifying a fundraiser. They will be wearing a logo T-shirt, high visibility vest or jacket. 

Please contact our team by phone, tax or email immediately.

They should not ask for your bank details. Our volunteers will ask for cash donations, they should have either a letter of authority, ID or a badge.

We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion. If you wish to donate particular Group or project we will be happy to do so.

You can donate regularly online or you can set up a standing order. To regularly donate online, please fill in the form on our Donation page.

We accept the following online donations Maestro, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Solo, and Switch.

Zakah is the 3rd pillar of Islam. Quran refers to Zakah on 82 separate verses and has associated Zakah immediately after Salah on 32 occasions. Muslim annual obligatory charity, 2.5% on saving, wealth and property etc.…

During the one cycle year. Fix your own date and pay at any time of the year between the beginning to end date.

The best way to donate is through online, bank transfer or PayPal payment.

  • The poor and the needy.
  • Those employed to collect the Zakah.
  • Those who have been inclined towards Islam (New Muslim).
  • To free the captives (Slave).
  • Those in debt.
  • Those for Allah cause.
  • The traveller who is cut off from everything.

(Quran 9:60)

Parents, grandfather, children, grandchildren, non-Muslim, Clothes (Kafan) for a deceased person, Repay a dead person’s debt, husband and wife cannot give Zakat to each other, etc.…

Gift Aid is a simple scheme that allows charities to recover the tax already paid on donations. That means every £1 you donate we will get 25 pence from the government.

Your donation qualifies for gift aid if you pay tax in the UK, and have signed the gift aid declaration. Every £1 that you donate with gift aid is worth £1.25 to Burma aid at no extra cost to you.

Every year we donate to Burma Muslim Hospital who gives free healthcare and treatment to poor and needed people. Eyes operation, dentistry, Maternity for mother and baby, dialysis treatment, general operation and many other treatments. We build tube well and hand pump for clean drinking water, water for hygiene and sanitation where water is hard to find. Education for children and illiterate people. Employment training for unemployed youth for future prosperity.

Thank you for thinking of Burma Aid. Your legacies will make a very important contribution to us. So we can continue many years to come and help many desperate and unfortunate people. All you have to do is let your solicitor know and write it down in your will by percentage payment or fix amount payment. Please let us also know so we can note down in our record file.

Regular giving is the best way to support us. It lets us plan our work more effectively.  To help people to improve their lives through long-term development programs.  So we can respond to disasters and emergencies. It also means we have a flexible and reliable income we can always count on. You can set up a regular donation by filling out the form on our donation page.

Refund will not be giving if you change your mind. For more information please contact us on 0207 249 1741.