Muslim Annual due

Muslim Annual Due

Support us: One-off or monthly donation, Volunteer, Fund raising, Ramadan collection, Gift in your will, Gift in memory.

Donate to us: your Zakah, Sadakah, Lillah, Fitrana, Interest, Ramadan prisoner pack, Eid gift, Iftar food, Gift in Memory, Qurbani, Aqiqah, Fidiya, Kaffara. 100% donation policy.

Zakah is 2.5% of a Muslim’s income and savings and it is important to remember that Zakah is not charity but is an obligation.Allah loves those who give Zakah. Quran 3:134

Please give your general donation and Zakah to Burma aid this year. We have a 100% donation policy. We will use your Zakah for Rohingya, Hospital care, Iftar for a prisoner, Orphan, Widow, Disadvantage, Poor and needy peoples.

Fidyah is a religious donation of money or food made to help those in need (widows, orphans and destitute). Fidyah is made when someone is ill. Pregnant, on a journey, extreme age and cannot fast for the required amount of days In Ramadan.

Rate of Fidyah is £3 to provide two meals for one person.

Kaffara £100 If someone break the fastintentionally in the Ramadan, one would need to fast for sixty consecutive days after Ramadan. If one cannot fast 60 days for any reason, then he must feed sixty poor peoples 2 meals a day.

Fitrana £5 for each person is recommended to pay for each person in the families. It is important that Zakat al Fitr reaches the poor before the Eid Salah so that they can celebrate the festival.

Aqeekah is the Islamic tradition of the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth. It is considered Sunnah to slaughter one sheep for the baby girl and two sheep for the baby boy. Recommend within 7 days.

For one goat £80 (Cooked with rice £110)For 2 goats £160 (Cooked with rice: £220)

Sadakah: We will get your Sadakah done in next 24 hours. 1 goat £80, 1 cow £400