Ramadan Iftar Support 2023

Ramadan food packs for a family £50

  • Every year Burma Aid distributed 100% of your donation on monthly food.
  • Rohingya people need your Zakat and Sadaka for their livelihood.
  • More than 600.000 thousand Rohingya are living in Rakhine (Arakan), Burma.
  • Our teams are ready on the ground for food distribution.
  • 75% of Rohingya are living below the poverty line in the IDP camp.
  • Rohingya people have serious health problems because of poor hygiene and poor health care.
  • Currently, most middle-aged and elderly Rohingya people have diabetes, TB, Asthma, stroke, ulcer, kidney stone and stomach cancer, and breast cancer.
  • Rohingya people are struggling to pay for food, drinking water, education, clothing, housing and medication.
  • Not receiving enough support from an international aid organisations.