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Hospital Project

The health care system in Burma is considered to be one of the worst  in Asia. We have only one hospital available in the country that caters for the disadvantaged Muslims but not limited to this community. The hospital treats and caters for the destitute, free from discrimination of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

The Burma Muslim Free Hospital” is run on a non-profitable basis and provides its service to the destitute in the capital city of Rangoon (Yangon). The hospital provides 24 hours of care, 365 days of service. It has outpatient clinics,  an emergency and intensive care unit, 160 beds, inpatient and outpatient facilities and many other departments, providing treatments and services to over 150, 000 patients a year.

This hospital established in 1937 and has been running privately with the assistance of the wider Muslim community for 76 years. They help with prevention or relief of sickness, ailing diseases, easing human suffering, as well as promoting awareness of good health practices. The hospital continue to provide minor operations, eye operations, maternity care, dentistry and providing medication to the disadvantaged and less fortunate people.

The hospital is totally dependent on monies being raised on its behalf through donations. Due to lack of funding and not enough donations being received, the hospital is unable to meet demands, purchase equipment,  purchase vital medications and keep up with maintaining the facility. Currently levels of treatment, equipment and activities are below the requirements of international standard.

The Hospital maternity service provides maternity care for more than 5000 women and their babies each year including during a pregnancy,  labour, birth and up until one week after birth. The care that the hospital provides aim to respect the diversity of women’s needs and the variety of personal and cultural values that women, families and communities require.

You can improve good health and save many peoples lives by donating today.