Water Projects

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Water Projects

Water is a vital source for survival, not limited to humans but for the maintenance of the precious tropical forests, survival of animals and endangered species. It’s sad to see that in this day and age the majority of  Burmese children’s daily chores include collecting water for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking. Children spend hours each day walking miles to collect water from unprotected sources that are dirty, polluted, unsafe to drink, sourced  from rivers, ponds or simply holes in the ground.

During the rainy season, the ground becomes muddy, slippery, and a dangerous place resulting in falls and injuries. Accidents also occur on the uneven paths that children walk to collect and transport the water. The burden of collecting water have long term effects including backaches, joint pains, curved spines, pelvic deformities creating complications in childbirth and thus resulting in high mortality rates.

Every year, millions of children die because of mental and physical difficulties caused by intestinal infections, parasites, typhoid, leptospirosis, diarrhea and malaria. These ailments are caused as a result of consuming dirty water ridden with all sorts of diseases. 

To ensure good sanitation and sourcing water that is clean and hygienic and preventing tragedies, we have successfully installed over 45 hand water pumps in most needed villages and are relying on donations to install more.

To get the project off the ground we work with community leaders, village leaders, group leaders and religious leaders to ensure that the water supplies are maintained to be safe, secure and ensure the prevention of misuse in order to sustain the wells and water pumps for many years to come.

  • Sanitation enhances dignity, improves well being and hygiene.
  • Readily availability of water increases social and community development, an increase in health and birth rate, reduces medical deformities, prevention from many illnesses and a decrease in mortality rates.
  • Money is also saved and less burden are placed on medical services to spend on treatment fighting diseases.  
  • Having the water so close means that the locals  can use the water for cultivation of crops and vegetation close to home. 

We will not be able to do this without your help. Please donate today to help prevent and reduce illness and death due to lack of clean water that we so readily take for granted.