Orphan Sponsorship



How do we define an orphan?
We define an orphan as a child younger than 18,  with one parent, abandoned child and baby, parent who can’t afford those children been sent to institution for Hifz/ Ahlema/ Ahlim class.

How do we select orphan criteria?
Orphans are selected based on financial situation, family size, housing conditions, health of parent or guardian.

How do we spend sponsor donation money?
Sponsorship money is paid to the institution every month. We monitored to ensure that they received food, health checks, education, clothing, Place to sleep and roof over their head.

How long will the sponsorship continue?
You can sponsor a child as long as you wish, up to the age of 18. You may continue to sponsor after age of 18 for further study or to complete the study.

Can I visit my orphan?
Yes, you may do so by visit and arranged at your own expense. Request for the address of institution. To meet our child protection policies.

  • Sponsoring an orphan children start for your heart.
  • Thinking is half done. The other half is sponsor a child.
  • Giving money for them is like a adopting a child.
  • Also you are giving him/ her full support.
  • The institution will give them a chance to be anything they want to be.
  • We will provide a holistic approach to their needs.
  • Cost 0.82p a day, £25 a Month, £300 a year for a child.