Water for Rohingya



Hand pump or tube well £150

Water is precious for all of us and keeps us alive throughout our lives. Rohingya children spend hours walking on dangerous ground to collect and carry water on their heads from reservoirs every day. With your help women and children no longer spend hours every day collecting and carrying water on their heads for their families. Infested with water with parasites, the waterborne disease kills humans more than any violence in the world. A hand pump is easy, low cost, and safe for children, the elderly and disabled people.

We install where most people can use such as school, Mosque and community centre. All our water wells are hand dug because there is no machinery available in the IDP camp. 90% of people use the hand water pumps for Utensil cleaning, washing clothing, drinking, cooking, bathing, and ablution (wudu). Water is easily accessible within 25m to 50 m deep underground and able to supply over 200 families daily. Water supply is between10 years to a lifetime.


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